Jennifer Brisman

Founder & CEO at VOW and VOW Digital Health

Jennifer Brisman is a 20+ year Event Industry Expert. She has produced over 600 events and been featured in CNN, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NBC and Forbes, just to name a few. She is now Founder and CEO of VOW, a technology company committed to transforming the future of event, meeting and hospitality professionals everywhere. VOW’s B2B2C communication suite powers events for the people that plan them.

VOW's newest product release, VOW Digital Health, is The Premier Platform for COVID-19 Workplace and Event Safety. VOW Digital Health facilitates and accelerates a safe return to workplace activities and live experiences now. The first-of-its-kind app, VOW Digital Health puts COVID-19 testing options and sophisticated technology in the hands of employers and event organizers to manage COVID-19 health data at scale to resume operations, report success and rebuild confidence.

The future of events is VOW.